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Susan's interest is photography. John's is bicycling. We combine both when traveling on vacation. Micro trailers save our fuel expense. Stretching awake to the raising sun in the campsite in the morning, maybe we have a little breakfast. Then John peddles off toward a pre-determined destination down the road. Susan breaks camp and seeks interesting photography at various places along the general route. Susan generally passes John around mid-day. We confirm tonight's target, and go about doing what we like doing. Often when John rolls in at the end of an afternoon, Susan is not around, but our micro trailer is. It typically welcomes a thirsty cyclist with a cold beverage in the late afternoon sunshine. By the time John showers off the day's grime, Susan has usually appeared. Maybe we fire up the BBQ grill or the stove, (maybe both), or head out to a near-by local joint we may have passed that looked interesting, for dinner. Often there is an evening glass of red, with some quiet music, maybe around a small fire. Then it's time to cuddle in for good night's sleep. Because tomorrow, we'll do it all again.

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Memories made on trips with John Flegg's RVs

Al U.

5August 2022

All good - nice little trailer worked fine for the wedding

Frank L.

5July 2022

John and Susan are extremely lovely people and excellent to communicate with from the very start. They provided timely answers to all of my questions prior to pick up. During the pick-up, they were very thorough going through the details on the trailer and gave great advice and recommendations on how to maximize The Gracie experience. Returning the trailer was extremely easy and very smooth as well. 5/5 would recommend!

Kavous N.

5June 2022

As tent campers it was the first time we tried a small camping trailer to get experience and decide for the future camping trips.
We had very nice experience renting Gracie from Susan and John for two nights. Going trough the trailer components with Susan was educational and detailed. As a 6' guy I needed another couple of inches to be comfortable while sleeping but it didn't bother me for two nights. Gracie had all camping amenities that was needed, towing was very easy and comfortable with a great ride.

John W.

5June 2022

Great experience!

Jiang H.

5July 2021

I love trip with Gracie,and the owner Susan and john help me a lot in my first trip! Thank you so much!

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Elyse N.

5June 2021

We had a great experience renting Gracie. As typical tent campers, Gracie was definitely a step up and had everything we needed. We found the mattress to be comfortable and nice to have more quiet and darkness than a tent. Gracie came packed with all the necessary camping amenities; made the trip feel like a breeze.