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Memories made on trips with Joe & Kim Summa's RVs

Lisa C.

5October 2022

Had such a wonderful camping experience! Joe and Kim were wonderful and saved me in a pinch by renting their beautiful camper to me! So grateful!!

Cole H.

4October 2022

Michael N.

5July 2022

My wife and I spent 2 weeks traveling in this van it was perfect for us. Great van, great owners. Would definitely do it again.

Bill R.

5June 2022

Great experience from reservation to return. Joe was very thorough and detailed.

John K.

5March 2022

My husband and I took a road trip from RI to FL. The RV performed flawlessly and the communication with Joe and Kim regarding some questions we had was prompt and informative. Would definitely highly recommend this RV.

Monique R.

5February 2022

Joe & Kim are two of the nicest folks you could hope to meet. They made every aspect of the rental process easy and painless, providing excellent videos on how to safely operate their vehicle. Driving a camping RV was a first for both my husband and I, but the Westiy II was easy to drive! Although we didn’t use it for camping, it is perfectly outfitted for that use.

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Jennifer V.

5September 2021

There’s a lot to say about Joe and Kim.- but three words. Excellence. Communicative. Kind. ( not in that order necessarily) .
This was our first ever CAMPERVAN experience.
The videos Joe and Kim made were really helpful but even with them we fumbled. Newbies. So excited in the moment of our surroundings-They encouraged us to call with any questions. They answered all questions right away.
Our dog was permitted, which was a huge bonus.
The van ran extremely well and economically on diesel.
We did not shower on board.
I made coffee every morning (I brought a French press) but did not cook in the kitchen
The bed was ok but, next time I think I would bring a foam mattress addition. Sleeping in a CAMPERVAN is different, but that foam addition would have made me more restful.
I felt like a tortoise with my house on my back.
To reiterate- Kim and Joe arr really good folks. They wanted us to experience their amazing vehicle as much as we did. Simpatico! I very much think we will rent this rare vehicle again.

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Lauren N.

5August 2021

This was our first RV trip and Joe and Kim set us up for success with instructional videos to review in advance and a helpful walkthrough at pickup. Joe and Kim were always responsive, though we did not find a need to ask for their help during the trip. The camper has style and character (it’s age does show in a few places), and we received many compliments and inquiries from other travelers along the way. The camper was clean and well maintained. A few of the screen shades take some finesse to operate, but Joe will show you the technique. With two adults and two kids (10 and 7), we felt a bit crowded at times, but it would be the perfect size for a couple. It handled well, and the length allowed us to park in standard parking spaces and access campgrounds where larger RVs were not allowed. One thing to note is that Joe and Kim have two campers that are nearly identical, but have some minor differences that make some of the instructional videos not applicable to both vehicles. All in all, we had a great time on the trip, in no small part due to the ease of use and reliability of Joe and Kim’s camper and the assurance of their support if needed. Thank you!

Galadriel C.

5August 2021

The three of us (two adults and a 13yo) had a wonderful trip to Maine in Joe and Kim's camper! This was our first time driving and camping in a camper, and Joe and Kim made it fun and easy: the instructional videos they shared before the trip and that we could access anytime were perfect for first-timers like us, and before our trip, they gave us a thorough review of the vehicle as well as a test drive. While we had to be aware of the vehicle's height, it's small size compared to other RVs made it easy to park and go to all the places we wished to see. We three are tall (5'7" - 6'3"); so, even though the camper could definitley sleeps 4, I'd say that it's best and most comfortable for 2-3 tall people or up to 2 adults and 2 younger kiddos. Thank you Joe and Kim!

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Jon S.

5August 2021

Joe and Kim were excellent hosts and went above and beyond to insure we had a great trip. Thank you both so much once again.

Misty L.

5August 2021

Misty L.

5July 2021

We took a trip out to Arizona with our two sons, to visit my mom. We didn't make it all the way because of time constraints but we had such a great time. Got to spend some great quality time and see so many awesome sites along the way. Joe and Kim were very accommodating and responded right away to the questions and concerns we had.

Ann P.

5July 2021

We had a fabulous road trip with Joe & Kim's Westfalia! Two very happy women camping/biking / enjoying the country- and the comfort and experience of an amazing vehicle. Joe & Kim were the perfect hosts- incredibly committed to making sure our camping experience was top notch. Joe & Kim were attentive, thoughtful- and always quick to respond. Gracious hosts- and the camper was in excellent condition. Highly recommend this to all!!

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Ravi S.

4July 2021

What a wonderful way to get back to nature post pandemic! Thanks to Joe and Kim we had a great experience getting back on the road! Will rent again! Cheers!

Julie B.

5June 2021

Joe and Kim were responsive and supportive. The ban is really well designed

Susan H.

5June 2021

We loved the Westy II and would love to rent it again! Everything was smooth and easy, from pick up and set up to pack up and drop off. We loved the very efficient design of this camper van, and added benefits of having a bathroom and kitchen all in one small space. Very comfortable driving and sleeping! In great shape and very clean and tidy. Joe and Kim were both sweet, helpful and very generous. We had a great time!