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A Westy owner who is passionate about sharing his love of old Volkswagens. All the vehicles go thru restorations before they are ready for road trips. Being a family man myself, I know the last thing you want to happen is to be stranded on the side of the road with a broken vehicle. We are a family of 4, I mean 5 if you include a poodle. Passionate about 80's European vehicles and camping. So having a few Westfalia's came naturally to our family. We hope you enjoy Arabelle and Arius as much as we do. Regards Mo

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Memories made on trips with Mo Mohsen's RVs

Bas T.

5September 2022

Trustworthy Westfalia campervan proved to be perfect for our two week trip around the Georgian Bay, with Algonquin, Killarney and Bruce Peninsula National Parks really blowing us away. The campervan was a great conversation starter during our trip!

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Robyn Z.

5August 2022

Ian W.

5August 2022

Pickup was a easy, and Mo was a great help showing me all the features of the Westfalia. The trip was awesome, loved all the power hookups, sun shade, heater, etc... This small RV made camping with my two teenaged sons awesome. Everyone slept in comfort and was great to be completely dry on the one night it rained.

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Vincent P.

5July 2022

We had an dreamy trip with Arabelle! She was a smooth ride and we enjoyed all the practical touches Mo has added to the van. Mo was helpful and communicative throughout. He oriented us with a thorough how-to and checked in with us a few days later to see if we had any questions or concerns. We hope to have another chance to travel in this beauty!

Keely F.

5June 2022

We had such a great trip in Arabelle. We travelled from Wales, UK to Toronto and this was the perfect way to explore Ontario. Mo was professional throughout, easily contactable and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Mo & Arabelle the Westfalia!

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Brandon M.

5October 2021

Torsten B.

5September 2021

We had a great time renting Arabelle from Mo. We received the van in spotless clean condition and we had zero issues during our weeklong trip driving the car. Mo was very responsive to messages and helpful the entire time. I would very much recommend this rental.

Cat M.

5September 2021

What an incredible trip we had in Arabelle! The van was super reliable and had everything we needed and more. We hung out indoors when it rained and stayed nice and cozy. We weren’t used to having so many amenities while camping and even though we went off grid the battery lasted 2 days with the fridge running and we were able to charge our devices and even get a little extra charge from the solar panel on top! We can’t recommend this van enough! Not to mention we got compliments everywhere we went. The paint colour is so cute and there are little features that give it so much character. Thank you so much for an amazing time!

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Tyler K.

5September 2021

To say that our experience was great would be an extreme understatement. Arabelle the Westfalia is one of the finest vehicles I've had the pleasure of driving. It's in absolutely pristine condition, stocked with everything you could possible need for anything. It drives smooth and easy, and is supremely comfy and cozy. Driving it around was like walking around town with a newborn... people want smile at you, wave to you, come up and talk to you. Mo was amazing to deal with and is a true Westfalia expert. Until he sells me this vehicle, I guess I'll just have to rent it once a summer for the rest of my life. Would highly recommend.

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Alan D.

5August 2021

Arabelle is a stunning Westfalia. Mo maintains such a high level of care for this reliable, beautiful, clean and solid van. I have driven many Vanagons, and Arabelle is the BEST I have ever driven.

Jack H.

5August 2021

Mo was a wonderful host and Arabelle was a perfect ride! We took her up to Tobermory for the weekend and she did beautifully. Best was comfy, driving was easy, and we got tons of compliments. Looking forward to booking again!

Stephen H.

5July 2021

Wow! Fun!
That about sums it up. Mo gives you a thorough explanation of everything you need to know. The ease of driving, setting up camp, and enjoying the "cool" factor of this vehicle will make your trip unforgettable! Mo was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns with the van during the vacation which made you feel he was always there to support you. Be sure to ask him how the fuel gauge works!

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Alysse G.

5November 2020

Mo was an incredible host and walked us through the van thoroughly before we left. We asked a lot of questions about the history and origin and he was happy to chat! Arabelle was fantastic, really easy to handle and very spacious. She was a great home base for all our exploring and Mo helped us coordinate a flexible drop off, although we were in constant communication to make sure it worked for both parties. Would 100% recommend to any other travellers and to my friends as well!

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Andrew T.

5October 2020

My wife and I rented the Westfalia for our honeymoon and loved it! We took it to campgrounds and had no trouble at all. It was very clean and everything (including the heater) worked perfectly and made our trip amazing. We were very comfortable at night. Also Mo himself was very nice and helpful. He provided us with a tutorial on how everything worked, as well as very helpful YouTube videos for when we forgot. We would definitely rent this campervan again!