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Thanks for looking at my travel trailer. It seems like I have been camping all my life. The first 25 years of my life was spent in tents, however the last 8 i have gone from a popup, to a travel trailer, to renting my travel trailer, and now i rent my personal travel trailer, and i have an extra just for rentals. Thanks for looking at my camper, i sure hope if you end up renting that you enjoy your time in it. And please if you have any questions, or need any camping recommendations just send me a message.

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Memories made on trips with Joseph Junemann's RVs

Matt L.

5October 2023

Host was flexible with drop off and pick up.

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Travis L.

5September 2023

Great experience from pickup and drop off. Small trailer with everything we needed and easy to tow.

Brandi M.

5September 2023

Very clean camper and Joseph was very quick to respond to any questions or concerns we had. Would highly recommend and would definitely rent this camper again.

Bobby K.

5July 2023

Joe is great to work with, and his camper is very nice!

Jennifer T.

5July 2023

Dawn F.

5July 2023

Everything was great. Very nice camper.

Lewis H.

4July 2023

Great RV for first timers. Nathan was very helpful educating us on the setup process.

Larry K.

5June 2023

Was perfect at every turn.

Dawn M.

5December 2022

The camper was very clean! Joseph was great very fast to respond to questions. He delivered and picked up the camper at our home.

Edwin A.

5September 2022

Pickup was super easy. Camper was clean and everything worked well. We didn't have any problems.

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Jason E.

5August 2022

Perfect simple camper with enough space for a family of 4 with small children. Easy to tow and easy set up for a novice.

Kaitlyn W.

5August 2022

Very clean camper.. Joseph was thorough with explaining how to use everything. Pickup and drop-off was easy. Great experience

Matt K.

4July 2022

Went to the beach, camper pulled great and easily. Minimal sway in crosswinds. Good visibility. Easy to maneuver. Bunks were nice, beds pretty comfy for being camper beds. AC was super icy, even in full sun. Awning was easy, solid steps were way better than the usual flimsy ones that hang.
The cons, 21 feet in this model is 20.3 feet total length, meaning about 17 or 18 inside. Hardly the owners fault, just fyi. The kitchen table bed didnt quite become a bed. . The cushions are just slightly too big, so they'd pop themselves out. Velcro or something to keep them in place would help.
I did replace the bulb over the stove, (a 921 car bulb, I had spares) and fixed the door so it would close AND lock. The deadbolt was useless before, so while we thought we were safe inside, we were unlocked.
Freezer DID finally get cold, but the fridge portion was only ever cool. Wouldn't trust it to dairy. And no microwave, which is fine for us. But no TV? Would have been nice to have.

1 Photo submitted by Matt K.

Caleb S.

5July 2022

The trailer was amazing. It fit our family of 3 perfectly. Joe was outstanding to rent from and I would absolutely use him again. Highly recommended!! Thanks again!!

Paul J.

2July 2022

Here is why we give our camping experience two stars. This was our first experience camping in an RV, so we didn't know what to expect. We paid extra to have the RV delivered to our campsite, which was done before we arrived. Also chose a "pet" friendly camper. The camp ground did not offer electricity or water hook up, which we were aware of, and so we paid extra to have a generator delivered as well, so my wife could have limited use of AC and other plugins in the morning while getting ready. As soon as we started the generator, we realized how loud it was. We knew our neighbors didn't appreciate the loud generator noise each morning. There were no instructions given by the RV owner about anything, so we were on our own to figure out how to work everything. There was no phone service. However, before we arrived, the RV owner did inform us that the front door had a sticking problem, and in order to open the door, you had to use one hand and push real hard above the handle, on the side of the camper, then turn the handle at the same time to open the door. I thought, ok, no big deal. Then we realized that my wife wasn't strong enough to do that. So, other than while sleeping, we had to leave the door cracked so my wife could come in and out. And we had two small dogs to worry about getting loose. Another thing we noticed, while inside the camper, it was dark. So, even opening the blinds during sunny parts of the day, we had to have multiple inside lights on to see, which we knew would run down the one battery on the RV. Day one, my wife takes a shower and before she could rinse the shampoo from her hair, the water stopped working. Well, I had to give her cold water bottles to rinse the shampoo out. She was not happy. So, thanks to our camper neighbor, who lent us water containers, and showed us how to add water, we were able to fill the tank up. It took 6 six gallon containers. We were disappointed that the RV owner didn't equip the RV with empty water containers. And since we were camping for 5 nights, having a working refrigerator in the camper was important, since we brought coolers with perishable food that needed to transfer to RV fridge. Well it took 24 hours for the propane camper fridge to get cold enough to put food in it. Thankfully, the campground sold ice. Day two, another neighbor came by to inform us that the the two back RV fold down leveling legs were never put down. So we spent 24 hours in a camper that was unstable, not level and could have injured us if we had had too much weight in the back. Day three, the shower and sink stopped draining. Well, we asked the same neighbor what could be causing this, and we learned that the gray water tank was full from using the sink and shower. So they again, helped us out by lending us their drain container and showed us what to do, and where to empty the full container of gray water. There was no gray water container provided with the RV. This is also when we learned that there was a small inside panel providing regular, gray and black water and battery levels. Shame on us for not knowing all these things. But shame on the RV owner for poor communication and the lack of simple instruction, knowing that this was our first experience camping in an RV. Especially, knowing the camp ground didn't provide water and electric hookup.

Joseph’s answer

Sorry for the disappointing experience Paul, unfortunately, some things are out of my control. You picked a very popular camping spot in the national park, unfortunately there isn’t any cell phone service.

Tara C.

4July 2022