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Renting an RV can be a great way to spend time vacationing, tailgating with friends or just enjoying the comforts of home while away. Our rental vehicles are well maintained and provide a comfortable space to relax and enjoy the outdoors in style. We pride ourselves on providing professionalism, flexibility and competitive pricing for our rental customers.

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Memories made on trips with Willie Gibson's RVs

Sarah D.

2October 2023

After reading all the other reviews on this jeep I thought I would have a great time, with everything provided and lacking nothing. This was not so and there were several problems.
Wow, I am very disappointed and grossed out by the state of the kitchen equipment. All of the cookware was dirty, crumbs in the mugs, mug lids were melted a bit, grease on the outside of the percolator, coffee grounds still inside the percolator, baked on food on the handles of the pots (which I couldn’t clean off so it was too gross to use them), food drippings on and under the grill(which I avoided by only using the single burned, not the grill surface), grease in the scrub brushes, and the table had grease and pine needles rolled up in it! This was put away dirty and not cleaned at all. There wasn’t even any SOAP provided to clean anything. Nor was there any propane provided to cook with. Fortunately, I had brought a small green canister of propane since this was a four-night trip and I didn’t know if the single canister I expected to be provided with would last that long.
This put a huge damper on the trip. My hot meals had to wait until I got to a campsite with running hot water to wash everything before I could use it. I had enough service the first night to message Willie about this, but no service at the other campsites I was at. Willie did message me back within an hour to let me know I could purchase replacements and get reimbursed. That’s nice, but it was late and I had already set up camp. Luckily I had some traveling to do and could stop at a Dollar General to buy stuff. What if I had set up and not been traveling anywhere? I would have had to pack up and tear down my campsite to go out of my way to buy replacements? Of what? All the kitchen gear, including the dirty Coleman stove? Where would I have stored all the duplicates, I had the jeep packed pretty tight with my stuff. The plastic takeout utensils provided weren’t strong enough to eat the soup I brought that first night. I wound up buying a bowl, pan, spatula, metal forks, metal spoons, and SOAP. There wasn’t even soap… *sigh* I wound up using this pan to cook breakfast, heat my soup, and using the tea kettle I brought for hot water for all my other meals. Those were supposed to be back-up meals, not my main meals but I didn’t want to clean and cook on that grill. I am a camper and am not shy about things being “camping clean”, but that’s my own dirt and germs, not the last campers. Gross.
The inside passenger area of the jeep was very clean, and the interface was hi-tech and fancy. But there were items left under the mattress in the roof top tent; bungee cords, a battery-operated light, hair ties, and q-tips. The mattress sheet was covered in dirt and pine needles. I was able to clean out this stuff and shake out the sheet, but it should have been cleaned up BEFORE it was rented out.
The roof top tent did keep out the rain, but it has a mold/mildew issue. I know canvas can become stained by mold even after treating it, but the mold grew in the top corners during the two nights I spent in the rain. I tried not to touch the walls with any of my stuff but did not succeed. I washed all my bedding and clothes after I got home so that the mold doesn’t grow in my camping gear. This roof top tent needs some airing out and a good mildew treatment.
When I set up the awning I found out it was rolled up wet and dirty with leaves and needles, like it also had not been set up or inspected after the last renter used it. The awning was also put together wrong and broken. The rear awning arm was broken so it wouldn’t stay extended and separated from the main pole; after some inspection, I realized the broken arm was really one of the legs and swapped them so that the awning was solid and the leg got duct-taped to stay extended.
Then I set up the cube tent that goes under the awning and… it is one foot too big?!? But the cube tent relies on the awning to keep it upright. The zipper is on the outside of the leg, it is impossible to fully zip it together, so it unzips when you go in and out of the tent. With the clips clipped on to hold up the side of the cube tent it formed pockets to collect all the rain. I put all the excess to one side and had to constantly empty the puddles it formed. The extra water weight also made the awning not let the water run off efficiently and formed puddles on the awning, which made me anxious when I left the campsite to go hiking. I came back from hiking to puddles inside around the edges, but the moat I made with the excess bottom fabric worked to repel the water and keep it from soaking my stuff. I broke down all my camping gear and put it back in the jeep each night to ensure it wouldn’t get soaked in the rain while I slept.
This gets one star for the jeep being a great vehicle in good condition, though the front right tire sensor is wacky and kept saying it was low, then high psi, all weekend. Beyond that the jeep got me through some rough terrain that my lower clearance Subaru might have gotten stuck on. It was a joy to drive.
The second star is for the price, unlimited miles, and flexible pick-up/drop-off.
Next time I rent something from Outdoorsy I will give myself more time during pick up to inspect EVERYTHING and have them clean/replace stuff before I take it. I had to pick up and be to my first campsite before dark and didn’t leave enough time for a true inspection.
The overall experience was interesting and everything I planned for touring PA and seeing fall foliage was wonderful. It could have been a 5-star experience, but unfortunately was not.

Mitchell C.

5October 2023


Hannah K.

5October 2023

I would rent this vehicle again in a heartbeat! Couldn’t have been a more perfect trip with an easy setup. Willie stocked the car with everything we could possibly need. Thanks again!

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Noam G.

5August 2023

I had an amazing experience renting a van with Willie! Everything went smoothly, and we absolutely loved the adventure. Highly recommended!

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Travis A.

5August 2023

Incredible experience. Great value!

Andrew C.

5August 2023

Willie was awesome. Would definitely rent from him again!

Michael R.

5June 2023

Paul B.

5June 2023

Willie was incredibly helpful and flexible. Everything shown in the description and video was there plus extra small things I didn't even think of.

Kota K.

5June 2023

Hrishikesh V.

5May 2023

Monica M.

5April 2023

Willie’s Jeep was perfect! The tent is comfy and completely holds up in the rain and cold like a cozy den perched in the woods. The van is equipped so well that I only had to think I needed something and it would appear. The solar power system works fantastically, and the Jeep drives in top form. It’s a real test to have such a versatile set-up for exploring the great outdoors. I can’t recommend this vehicle highly enough. Willie made it easy to pick it up and drop off. Good people, good car, good camping!

Willie’s answer

Thanks Monica! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. 😄👍🏽

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Nhan D.

5September 2022

Overall a great experience. Very accommodating. Would recommend

Brittany O.

5August 2022

Justin L.

5August 2022

Great experience, Willie was super communicative and helpful.

Steve B.

5August 2022

We had an amazing week in Willie’s Jeep Renegade. Everything was as easy as Willie states and he made sure we had everything we asked for (which we didn’t need at the end - like the generator and the sides for the awning). He responded quickly to the one question we had about the fridge and all was well. The twinkly lights that are solar powered (on the dash of the Jeep) are in one of our pictures. We loved that. We had the absolutely best week of vacation. Thank you so much!

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Michael P.

5May 2022

By far the best RV rental I have ever had. Willie made this the easiest and smoothest trip you could ask for. Probably the nicest customer friendly person you could ask for.