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Memories made on trips with Andrew Lamont's RVs

Emily B.

5August 2022

Ranka W.

3July 2022

This is the second time we rented this RV in a 4 week span. The owner is super nice however the RV was not ready this time (4th of July), as it was on Memorial Day. Upon arival to our camping destination the refrigirator was not cooling. We called Outdorsey to get some assistance as we do not have the owners direct number. They told us they cannot dispatch anyone at the moment and will contact the owner as well, also we were promised by Outdorsey that they will dispatch someone the next day. Outdorsey also suggested that the refrigirator takes up to 24 hours to cool off. Once the owner contacted us he said it was strange as he had plugged in te refrigirator 24 hours prior as he was clearning the trailer. This confirmed to us that the fridge was not working. We distributed our food among our friends, which made it akward to freely cook our food, without bothering anyone, The next day, my husband received a call that Outdorsey has no one to dispatch on Saturday as promised to fix the fridge. The following day on Sunday (2.5 days later), the fridge started to frost up around the fins, but only lasted half a day. We felt that neither the owner or the Outdorsey was concerned that we are on a 4 day camping trip and how we will keep our food cool. Tuesday early morning around 3:00 A.M, we were woken up by a screatching alarm coming from the AC vent. We scrambeled to try to unplug and do what ever we can to slence the alarm, as ther was no fire, but could not find the ause. My husband fially pulled a fuse out of the fuse box and the alarm stopped. This was hardly a relaxing trip for us as we drove 7 hours to get this RV and camp at the lake.

Scott S.

5August 2021

Awesome trip