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Welcome to Sparkle Pony Overland! We are enthusiasts in the arts of Camping, Overlanding, Adventuring, and simple family fun. Sparkle Pony Overland was created as a result of many friends saying - “hey that looks like so much fun…..hey can i go with you on your next trip….hey what’s all the stuff on your car for”. Over the years we have attempted to perfect the art of overland camping and have accumulated some of the best equipment in the process, figure out what works and what doesn’t work, and most importantly - how to have a fun and stress free adventure with your family and kids. We have all the necessary gear and equipment to get your family outdoors in comfort, stress free, and family fun manor - either in a tent, RV, bivouac…..anywhere from glamping style to dirt bagging it style….we can help you get out!

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Memories made on trips with Sparkle Pony Overland LLC's RVs

Aaron M.

5July 2023

The RV was well-equipped and worked well. Ryan was super helpful during pick-up and drop-off. Would recommend 10/10.

Will H.

5July 2022

Ryan was in incredibly easy to work with and knowledgeable about his caravan. I had my previous plans fall through THE DAY BEFORE we were supposed to leave on our trip so I was scrambling. To my surprise and joy I was able to contact Ryan and he responded almost immediately letting me know his Opus15 was in fact available and he could get it ready for us on less than 24hr notice. I had seen the Opus15 before and was a HUGE fan prior to the rental. This is an incredibly practical rig. I myself like to camp but my girlfriend is not the biggest fan of bugs (LOL) on top of the heat wave that hit, this caravan was a life saver. Solar powered battery allowed for us to bring both frozen and refrigerated food. I fully expected to bring a good bit of cooking supplies but to my surprise he had us covered for everything. The rig is extremely easy to park, level, and pop out (research helped but Ryan did a great job showing me everything). I have towing experience but this was a super easy tow. KING BED! Fantastic!

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Robert N.

0May 2022

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