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Memories made on trips with Stephane Saucier's RVs

William E.

5September 2023

Had a great time going to Newfoundland in the Safari Condo! The van was roomy and great to sleep in, and it took us all over with no issue. Stephane was a great host and very helpful, thanks again!

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Kathy L.

1July 2023

RENTER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This vehicle is not suitable for any distance of road trip, much less a trip in excess of 5000km. Do not include 300 free kilometres per day if the machine cannot make the trip. This RV was NOT maintained properly, as told to us by the qualified mechanic who fixed the FINAL issue we had with the RV. Radiator fluid looked like brown sludge, power steering belt would have been obviously WORN and ready to replace for it to break less than 12 hours of driving into our trip. Host told us to have repairs done, then when time for compensation, told me it had to be done through Outdoorsy, then when dropping off the RV he asked why I hadn't emailed him for compensation. Still have not received compensation for the FIRST repairs done on the RV. Second repairs were paid direct by the host. Still waiting to hear about excess expenses incurred by us. Vacation of a lifetime ruined by this experience. One-third (or more) of our vacation spent taking care of this RV and it's repairs.

Jack H.

5July 2023

Brilliant van and service thankyou Stephane!

Felix H.

5June 2023

We had an awesome trip with Eli and Steph is a very helpful host - good communication and easygoing.

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Nadine C.

5May 2023

Dhruv M.

5May 2023

Great, had wonderful trip.

Joseph B.

5September 2022

Great experience renting from Stephane. We rented the RV for 3 nights on a provincial park camp ground sept 2022. Everything worked as expected. We had a couple of cold nights but the heating in the RV was awesome. Stephane was a pleasure to deal with and very chill. Would 100% recommend renting this drivable camper.

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Rob T.

5August 2022

The vehicle was a ton of fun to drive, use and sleep in. Stephane is a fantastic host.

Guillaume N.

5August 2022

3 semaines de road trip fantastiques avec la famille… Stéphane est extrêmement gentil. L’expérience a été formidable…

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Gabriel F.

5July 2022

Geordie D.

5June 2022

Fun trip for my and my 11 year old