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Memories made on trips with Derek Decesere's RVs

Catherina S.

5October 2023

Had a wonderful time and great experience with our rental and the hostess. Very friendly.

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Edward B.

5July 2023

Great RV that is fully equipped for a long week of camping. We had a blast with this easy to drive and park camper.

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Lihan Y.

3July 2023

We were very new to the RV experience and were very hesitant about booking this vehicle here with no reviews/ratings during our trip to Maine. We decided to take a leap of faith anyway and it's overall smooth (if the goal is simply to be able to drive it around and on the last day drop it off safely) but with quite a few hiccups.
Our host Ann was very nice offering to pick up and drop us off at the airport. She included many basic items in the vehicle including most of the stuff we mentioned in advance that would be "nice to have". We were told that the mattress is a brand new one so that's great. The RV posting mentioned that there will be four camping chairs, and on the day of pick up, we asked and got four foldable chairs that take a lot of space.
Prior to the trip we were told that there had already been a group that booked this RV and went on a 10-day trip with no issues. What we felt about the vehicle was that it's an old one and hadn't been used for quite a while. There were receipts from 2021 that we found in the overhead sleeping space. There were definitely dusts on the stove, and opened snacks in the cabinets.
It is a relatively old vehicle with a failed carbon monoxide detector that wouldn't stop beeping even after we tried the reset button. We had to disconnect it and it wasn't giving us a sense of comfort during the entire 6-night trip to say the least.
The valve that connected to the black water tank dropped while we were handling the black water and you could imagine it wasn't a great experience, and we then needed to find public restrooms for the rest of the trip.
The clean water tank had pink and stinky water that probably had been there for a very very long time, and the smell wouldn't go away after we connected to clean water at the site, so we didn't use the kitchen sink and bathroom shower at all.
The backup system only worked periodically.
Full disclosure is that we weren't fully aware of how much work is associated with RV trips, and during our trip, the host responded that we could go search on the internet how many things could go wrong with RVs. To be fair there's nothing she could at that point, but we still feel like so many things could have been managed better since the beginning.