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Memories made on trips with Mary Olsen's RVs

Justin U.

5September 2023

Mary was a great host and the RV was in excellent condition. Very well taken care of.

Josh P.

5August 2023

My fiance and I rented the freesolo for a weekend trip to Garner Park. Mary was very helpful and easy to communicate with and the freesolo worked out great for our trip. It came fully loaded for all your kitchen needs (including toaster oven) and was nice and clean and in great condition. It also has a small tv, fridge, table, bed, bunkbeds, microwave, stove, towels, and a shower/toilet combo. Most importantly it had A/C and it did pretty well staying cool even in the 100° temperatures. We pulled it with my 2017 Ford Explorer, which towed it pretty well.

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Preston K.

2June 2023

Upon picking up the trailer, everything was good. The Braxton Creek Free Solo FAM camper was clean and in almost new condition. The host Mary was friendly and thorough in making sure I had what I needed and that the paperwork was filled out. When we did our walk around of the camper, we we arrived at the rear storage area she gave me a bottle of bug spray and warned that ants and other bugs have been known to enter the camper via the power cord and said just to use the spray if we see any bugs. I didn't think much of this until I arrived home with the camper to load it and when I opened the rear storage compartment, I saw a single fire ant. I thought, no big deal. Then another came out from behind one of the walls. And then another. At this point, I still wasn't too worried as they were in the storage compartment. I hadn't seen any in the cabin as I loaded our personal belongings. We drove to our destination and as we were setting up at the RV campsite, my daughter went inside the camper and not too long after, yelled out that she saw an ant. I went inside and yes, a fire ant had made it's way up to the front bunk bed side wall. There's not really a seal between the storage and main cabin and the ants were able to easily get into the living quarters. At this point, none of us felt comfortable with sleeping in the trailer. Even after using the bug spray, it would only kill the ants, not prevent them from getting into the cabin. Needless to say, we did not spend one night in the camper as we did not want to get bitten by any ants. We did use the trailer for storage for some of our gear and as a changing area, but we were lucky to be visiting family that allowed us to squeeze into their camper to sleep. I communicated with Mary during the trip and she was aware of the fire ant issue and asked if we would like to return the trailer early. I said no. We had planned to be at our destination with friends and family and were not going to leave simply to return the trailer. Why would we do that? Once our trip was over and I returned the trailer to Mary, she said that she was sorry we had to deal with this issue but unfortunately these things happen. I told her that I felt we did not get full use of the camper and that I was a bit disappointed. She did not say anything other than that she was sorry again. It's unfortunate, but I would not recommend Mary and South Tejas RV Rentals for your RV rental needs. She did not offer any sort of consolation for our hardship, other than an apology. I don't feel I should pay full-price for something that was not fully as promised. And that was for a safe and usable travel trailer that could be used as a sleeping quarters. Some sort of a discount, a free night off the next trip, or something of that nature would have made me feel a little bit better and help restore our confidence in renting from Mary again. But she did not do anything of the sort. Just a "sorry about your luck." Renter beware!

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April B.

5June 2023

Easy delivery and pickup. Everything was just like described.

Tom S.

5November 2022

Mary delivered the RV and shared openly what to expect from this unit. She was open and accurate and was very fair with overage charges that were absolutely legitimist. I will rent from her again and was very happy with their service and this 27.1' Thor with Ford V10. Was easy to drive and functioned exactly as described. Bit of a gas hog but not unexpected. Will highly recommend Mary and this unit. Tom S New Braunfels TX

Gerald F.

5August 2022

Mary Olsen and the Class A motorhome we rented all went very well. But the fact that you can't even send updated texts to owners is a deal breaker for me. I don't plan on using Outdoorsy again.

Bret S.

5August 2022

Jason E.

5July 2022

Wonderfully setup camper. Literally had all that you could need for a weekend retreat. All I needed was a tow vehicle. Great experience with pick-up and drop off.

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Leno G.

5July 2022

Our travel trailer was perfect for our trip. It was very clean and loaded with everything we needed for our trip. The owners Bob and Mary were extremely helpful and very easy to deal with.

Felipe R.

4June 2022

Great little camper. Easy to use and haul. Received it nice and clean. We had difficulty when picking it up to attach the camper to the hitch but got it on. When departing our camp area we had difficulty again securing the trailer to our truck hitch. It took a while but we got it. The process was easy to pick up and return. We will rent another camper rv from them again. Thank you.

Christopher S.

5June 2022

Very friendly and helpful couple. The RV was a perfect size for our camping trip. It slept 3 adults comfortably and had room for more. It’s was easily hauled by my Ram 1500. Definitely recommend. A+++

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