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Memories made on trips with Michael Pickering's RVs

Tara G.

2August 2022

Considering the price we paid for this RV we figured it would have been a lot nicer. It's an old police command center re-fitted into a camping RV. It was done just poorly every little bump you hit everything bangs and rattles (do not plan to sleep well it's driving). The beds in the back are horrible twin spring mattresses we had to double them up to even get a decent sleep and are covered in plastic so every time you move that's all you hear. All of the levels don't work we had to drive onto wood planks in order to level it out. The water tanks did not read correctly telling us one tank was empty when it was full and another was full but actually empty. The generator hardly worked. The wipers stopped working in the middle of a rain storm. Half the outside doors wouldn't stay shut, the generator door had to be taped shut (the provided gorilla tape for that). The lock/handle mechanism broke while my 5 year old was inside and was stuck we had to contact a locksmith to get it open (luckily there is a big door at the back however you cant close it from the inside so we had to leave it open overnight to get in and out) This was literally the RV from hell. This was our first and last RV trip. The guys seemed super nice and helpful until we got home (we were late due to multiple issues with the RV) and brought up all the issues not once did they apologize than tried to blame us for multiple things. Ruined our trip completely. NEVER AGAIN!!

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Todd L.

5August 2022

Great owner experience

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