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Memories made on trips with Ryan Leonrd's RVs

Samantha M.

1October 2022

This was a horrible experience. When we picked up the camper the owner did a "walkthrough" with us. Almost every single question I asked her, she replied with "that's a technical question that I don't know the answer to", or "that's a technical question for my husband". She DID NOT to over how to use the heat or ac in this walkthrough. She told me specifically NOT to use the propane unless we were cooking. (We were only going to be gone for 24 hours total and didn't need to use the stove.) Our trip was a few hours away to a lantern festival in the evening, so by the time we made it to our campsite to hook up, it was past 11pm. We have a 4 year old and a just turned 1 year old, who were both crying hysterically because they were hungry and so tired. We were trying to get everything hooked up while simultaneously trying to get my small children taken care of and settled. The heat was just blowing freezing cold air, and I just kept messing with it and hoping that the issue would correct itself. (Remember, we were specifically told not to use the propane unless it was for cooking.) I woke up at 2am to the camper being 54 degrees. My children were freezing and I had no way to layer them and warm them up. The heat was still blowing cold air, only making it continuously colder in the camper. I went outside in the freezing cold, and immediately turned on the propane and started unplugging and replugging things. I immediately tried to get ahold of the owner as he told me he works overnights and would most likely we awake, but no luck. I called the outdoorsy website, who then had me call roadside assistance, who then transfered me to a technician. I spent an hour and a half outside in 43 degrees on the phone, jacking with things, trying to get it to work. By 3:30am the heat finally kicked on. I had to reset everything again after turning to propane on to get it to work. My kids were sick the next day. When the owner finally messaged me back, he informed me that it was my fault that his wife gave us the wrong information because we were slightly late to pick up the camper (which they knew about ahead of time). It was our fault because his wife was in a rush. When I proceeded to tell him that I didn't think that was fair to blame us for receiving false information about the propane, he then started saying that "our story wasn't adding up". That we claimed to be only taking a trip 3 hours away we shouldn't have been hooking up at the campsite at 11pm, and it was our fault that we didn't do it sooner to realize the issue sooner. I told both him and his wife separately BEFOREHAND that we were going to a lantern festival and it wouldn't get over until 8 or 9 (you also have to account for hours of a traffic jam.) So essentially, after blaming me for their mistake, he then went on the attack, trying to discredit my story and insinuate that I was lying. While he did apologize to my husband at drop off for the miscommunication and say that he wouldn't worry about charging us his fee of $50 to use the propane, it really doesn't feel justified. Lastly, we were charged per mile on top of the $100 a night for the rental. This really bothers me, as it shows NOWHERE on their listing that they charge you for anything over 100 miles. While I was planning our trip, I must have looked at somewhere between 40-50 campers because we needed something small, but big enough to accommodate a pack n play for my baby to sleep in. Every single one of these listings stated that they charged over so many miles, per mile. Every single one. This one did not. In fact, here's a screen shot of their listing, showing that this information is not anywhere to be found. Therefore, the cost of the camper was almost double what it stated it would be on the first place. Renter beware. The thought of this whole experience makes me sick to my stomach. I will forever be warning people that are even considering renting a camper, especially of these people. It just makes me sick.

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Cayla S.

5October 2022

Very easy to pick up & drop off!! Kids had a blast.

Ben B.

5September 2022

Excellent rental experience. Ryan was accommodating to my schedule and flexible with pickup/return times. Ryan was very fast to respond to any questions. We enjoyed the weekend getaway.

Michelle T.

5September 2022

Good size for five people. Kinda tight for seven adults. April was very helpful in explaining the rig. Ryan is very prompt with communication.

Amanda M.

0August 2022

Ryan Leonrd canceled the booking 2 days before departure. This is an automated posting.