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Memories made on trips with Kevin Henriksen's RVs

Shannon H.

5April 2024

Melissa U.

5April 2024

Rebecca C.

5March 2024

Everything was great.

Kevin P.

5March 2024

Ashley R.

4February 2024

Nerville F.

5February 2024

Sean M.

5January 2024

Jeffrey R.

5January 2024

Trailer was great. Will definitely rent again in the future.

Sammy R.

5January 2024

The RV experience at home was great. We decided to go the RV route vs. staying in the hotel. The owners were very helpful and walked us through all the amenities. We did have some issues pop up like leaks but they were back at the site within the hour and fixed it right away. I would definitely rent again, thank you to Robert and being so readily available.

Keila C.

5December 2023

Kyle’s RV was the perfect setup for our weekend trip to Death Valley. Fully stocked with everything we needed and communication was quick and clear.

Anthony V.

5November 2023


Jesse L.

5November 2023

Lauren G.

4October 2023

René F.

4October 2023

Owner was very nice and agreeable, van was in great condition. We had a very good time.

1 Photo submitted by René F.

Don L.

5October 2023

Nicolas W.

5September 2023

Amazing host and beautiful trailer would definitely rent again