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Memories made on trips with Michael Zack's RVs

Chet H.

5July 2022

RV met all of our expectations and our camping experience was excellent. The weather turned out to be very hot (mid 90's) so we did keep the AC running most of the time. Although the RV does have an onboard diesel generator we had brought our own dual fuel genny & kept everything going (and charging) with 20lb tanks. One tank lasted around 18hrs even with the AC running the whole time. There is onboard propane but that was running the fridge and we also used some for the included Blackstone griddle. I love that the RV offers a number of ways to power everything - large bank of 6 Lithium batteries, solar, propane (onboard if needed), and diesel (engine and/or onboard genny). Not only that but there is even an app to monitor the systems from your mobile phone! It's truly setup to for boondocking off the grid which is how we used it for the weekend. First time driving something this large but it drives very easily and is very well equipped to make the whole experience comfortable. Michael was great introducing us to the rig and giving us a very thorough walkthrough and explained how everything worked very well. We had absolutely no issues with anything the whole weekend.

Michael’s answer

Chet, thanks so much for this review. I know it will increase our business when people read this. Thanks again for all your great feedback and ideas to make the experience even better. I hope we meet up again.