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Born and raised New Yorker living in a retirement community at the age of 39 in Maggie Valley North Carolina...not sure how it happened but here we are! And truth be told, I couldn't be happier about it. LIFE!!! What a ride. And one of the reasons why I got this RV. I love people and I love toys. The best is sharing the toys with people; building long-lasting relationships. It's why I get out of bed in the morning. I'm truly a glass-half-full kinda guy. I got my act together around 32 years old and instead of being a child I'm now a man-child. Being an adult is ok. Being a kid is so much more fun. Making money, handling adult responsibilities while viewing the world through curiosity child-like eyes just wanting to play all the time, IT'S THE BEST! I want to play...all the time REALLY! Volleyball, water ski, wakeboard even though I'm not very good at it. Snow ski, play some kickball!!! skydive, snorkel, scuba (I am certified) eat and drink anything you put in front of my face. I just want to go and do; everything. Living in a retirement community is a great reminder of how short life really is. Everyone here is a hundred and fifty years old. Some of them have been dead for 10 years! I learned that sunscreen is very important. I know a lady who I'd assume is on the older side I don't know I'd say a hundred and sixty-something. She's from Florida and didn't wear sunscreen. You can tell! She resembles a football. I nicknamed her football face. She's stoned 100% of the time and deaf. She likes a good joke and can dish it out. I won't even tell you what she calls me. I got my life partner named Jackie. Charles is my 12lb perfect little gentleman poodle. Got some great toys, some great properties, some great businesses, I make a great living, got lots of love...Life is good. Life is really good. And I'm always looking for others with a passion for living, and living well!

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