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Adventure Vehicles of Montana Adventure Vehicles of Montana (AVM) was born of a need: make the Montana experience accessible to everyone. Montana was in desperate need of better transportation options and better prices. Traditional rentals just don’t cut it when it comes to mountain adventure. What WE DO. Rent Adventure! It’s our motto and what we do best. AVM rents only all-wheel drive or 4x4 vehicles. All our vehicles are high-end trims with a minimum appointment of cooled and/or heated leather seats, navigation, driver assistance features (radar cruise, lane keeping, etc.), and room for five guests. Additionally, AVM offers trip extras to maximize your Montana experience. Extras include kayaks, tents, camp stoves, bike racks, rooftop tents, truck bed racks, and so many more! Ask yourself, what’s the point of coming to Montana if I can’t play in the woods or water? It’s pretty much what makes this place unforgettable.

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