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On my first time camping, I went out to a nearby Provincial Park to celebrate graduating high school with my girlfriend. Instead of going to the front country where we knew everyone else would be, we decided to explore the backcountry. Without doing any research whatsoever, we packed up all of our full-sized gear (meant for car camping), stuffed it in our school bags and held the rest under our arms and in our hands. That 2km hike took us way over 2 hours to do. Even though we were completely unprepared and had no gear meant for backpacking, we had a blast!! It was the best time I had all year! Years later, I'm fully outfitted with great backpacking and camping gear, enjoying every new step down the trail. Without taking that one step outside of my comfort zone, I wouldn't have gone on the numerous adventures since. I wouldn't even be in Alberta now! I like to tell that story because I know a lot of people looking to rent campervans who may be new to the game. But I can tell you one thing for sure, you could miss out on thousands of amazing experiences in life if you don't take that first step out of your comfort zone.

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