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Fun Facts, we have 4 dogs, 3 horses and a few barn cats and a donkey that we adore. 4 kids and hopefully a son-in-law some day! We love to go to the lake with the kids and have a good weekend of fishing!

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Memories made on trips with Christy Jarvis's RVs

Joseph B.

5November 2023

The camper was great and they were very accommodating. there were some issues with the site we had reserved and they took care of everything for us before we got there. They were very friendly, helpful and great to work with!

Christy’s answer

Thank you so much. Glad ya’ll enjoyed it! We hope to see you again next year!

Jodie A.

1October 2023

Beware! If you do not leave Christy’s RV spotless when returning, they will keep your deposit. A cleaning fee is not part of the upfront charges but can be an “add-on.” Be prepared for them to attempt to keep your deposit for bogus cleaning charges; a regular $75 charge and then an extra $150 extensive clean. I have never had issues when renting other RVs or airbnbs until now. I find it all very suspicious. They also added on an extra $50 for a pet fee when we 100% did not have animals stay in the RV. I have filed a claim with outdoorsy and will take it further if needed.

Christy’s answer

Haven’t retained a deposit before.Prior guest chose add-ons,black water/cleaning fees, didn't use them, didn’t take fees.Jodi was vague w/intentions,arrived late for pick-up.Post trip,claimed to have had a great time via text.Concert/Festival attended w/RV violated rules.We offer add-ons for convenience.Jodi didn't select any.Black water tank returned full.Cleaning revealed broken screen door,food in sink,improper toilet paper,food in bathroom,mud in shower,mattress incasement w/black paw prints.Jodi had dogs in RV,didn't request add on.Had to replace sheets due to holes.Jodi expected us to cover cleaning w/o payment.Discussion w/Outdoorsy led to withhold portion of deposit.Her husband admitted his mistake improperly installing anti sway system and assisted in finding replacement parts.Renting an RV is a responsibility.Proper setup,maintenance,towing are crucial.We value honest guests,following rules and requirements,we look forward to providing a great RV experience for future guests.

Mindy B.

5October 2023

Very clean RV! Great communication