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RVandB . net est une entreprise qui offre une alternative économique et plus cordiale aux compagnies de location nationales de véhicules récréatifs avec des départs près de l'aéroport de Montréal et maintenant Québec. RVandB . net is a business offering an economical alternative and provides better service than the nationally operated large RV rental companies, with locations close to the Montreal and Quebec City Airports. Après seulement 2 ans en affaires, nous avons déjà la chance d'avoir eu 31 reviews avec une moyenne de 4.9 étoiles sur Outdoorsy. C'est énormément plus de reviews, et un score beaucoup plus élevé que n'importe quelle autre entreprise similaire de la région. After only 2 years in business, we have been very fortunate to have already 31 reviews with an average of 4.9 stars on Outdoorsy. That is significantly more reviews, and higher score than any commercial renter in the area. RVandB . net pour les meilleurs prix en direct, disponibilités et promotions. RVandB . net for best packages, availability and promotions

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Memories made on trips with RVandB NET's RVs

Horacio R.

3August 2023

I rented a 2015 F-150 XLT camper truck with rvandb.net. It was the first time I rented an RV. I contacted rvandb for clarifications, I asked questions about the specs of the truck and renting procedures. They responded promptly and provided all the answers I needed. However, once I went to the pickup location I realized rvandb doesn’t own an office space (in Montreal). I would’ve appreciated knowing this before spending time walking around the meeting point, thinking I had the wrong address. Also, because of the lack of office space, I believe their cleaning capabilities are limited. The seats in the truck and the dinette had stains, the mini-fridge had sand from the previous location and both the camper and truck had many wear marks inside. The gauge of the propane reservoir (for the stove and fridge) was defective (indicating half even if full). I would’ve also appreciated knowing the truck was propane-gasoline hybrid, I would have prepared a list of stations for refilling the propane reservoir. Even with the application from propane Quebec, refilling stations are not easy to find and service hours are limited during weekends. The truck is advertised up to 4 people, but I would say it is 3 (1 adult + 2 children or 2 adults + 1 child). The seating space of the truck (second row) would be too small for adults on a long road and the sleeping space is limited to one queen and one twin bed. Hopefully, the truck was well maintained and I had no problems going were I needed to go. I had to drive and sleep under heavy rain and we had no mechanical problems. I was able to stay dry and sleep comfortably. Even if the propane stations were hard to find I was able to save some money on the fuel. Lastly, we had an incident on the road; a rock broke the windshield of the truck. I communicated the incident to rvandb and we were able to resolve the issue without any disagreement. I feel the incident was fairly resolved.

Vincent L.

5June 2023

Format idéal, un plaisir à conduire et hyper économique en carburant. Une superbe expérience.

Jean-philippe M.

5June 2023

Excellent voyage. Véhicule facile à conduire, très pratique, très confortable et en excellent état. Propriétaire très sympatique.

Simon G.

5June 2023

Great experience.

Musharraf Z.

5October 2021

We had plans to travel with our newborn baby, and reach out to Philippe at RVandB.net for counseling. He suggested this unit and it proved to be a great unit. We can leave the child seat in the pickup cabin without obstructing the dining table in the camper. An outstanding unit for 2 adults and a child!

Catherine M.

5October 2021

Great experience visiting Magdalen Islands and many other things on the way. This RV revealed itself a a reliable and comfortable travel companion. We have plans to visit Atlantic Canada with this RV next years, and will definitely book again directly through RVandB.net.

Michel F.

5October 2021

Excellent petit VR, confortable et facile à conduire. Philippe nous a fait un escompte pour avoir booké directement sur RVandB.net. Nous avons déjà des plans pour louer le même véhicule l'an prochain!

Lilianne L.

5October 2021

Great experience! We had a lot of driving to do, and this unit proved to be very comfortable and much less noisy than typical class C campers. We already have plans to rent this unit again next summer.

Marie-claude S.

5October 2021

Amazing experience, great little RV! We even got a discount for renting direct at RVandB.net.

Daniel C.

5October 2021

Excellente expérience! Nous avons réservé directement sur RVandB.net et avons eu un rabais.

Steeve R.

5October 2021

Great experience! We opted for Philippe to deliver to us the RV. Great vacations in Gaspésie. Philippe provided great counseling for our trip. RV was in better condition than the posted pictures! If you ask at RVandB.net, Philippe may offer you a discount to book direct.

Jean-francois B.

5October 2021

RV was in better condition than the pictures! We reached out to Philippe at RVandB.net, and he did a special discount for us for booking direct. All in all, an outstanding experience.

Pierrette D.

5October 2021

Excellent experience with my daughter. I was anxious at first driving such a vehicle, but I was quickly comfortable driving it. It is like driving a larger car / truck, and definitely easy to drive. A great format for an RV, and a great vacation. Rent through RVandB.net, you will also get a great experience!

Sébastien S.

5October 2021

We did 7000km with this unit. It proved to be a reliable companion, easy and comfortable to drive. Economical on fuel VS other Class C campers. All in all, an outstanding experience. We definitely recommend renting direct through RVandB.net to everyone! They will also provide great counseling for your trip.

Gaëtan C.

5October 2021

Excellent voyage! Philippe nous a même prêté son banc de bébé pour que notre voyage respecte la réglementation locale avec notre petite de 4 ans. 5 étoiles!

Luc V.

4July 2021