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Hello! I grew up camping in a pop-up camper, and I finally have been able to buy one of my own after years of wanting one! I decided to share in the experience of camping in a pop-up camper with others. I have three kids, my daughters are in college and my son is still in high school. Previously our camping excursions involved using a tent and then later renting a cabin at each destination. But we got tired of sleeping on the ground in a tent, or hauling all our equipment, bedding, food and clothes in and out of the cabin each day as we traveled across the country. A camper is so much nicer- pack it once and go! My favorite places to visit would have to be National Parks. Yellowstone and Grand Canyon have been my favorite so far. We love exploring and hiking. But quiet weekends away relaxing at a campground closer to home is also very nice! Making memories with family in the great outdoors are some of my greatest memories growing up and I hope to share that experience with others!

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