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Memories made on trips with Ace RV Rentals's RVs

Shannon K.

4.5April 2024

Duncan C.

5April 2024

As a renter from abroad I can thoroughly recommend Ace RV. Their customer care was first rate, quickly responding to my many questions before the rental period, the vehicle itself was fantastic, and with the additional bedding and kitchen sets we wanted for nothing. Simply fantastic!

Joyce H.

5April 2024

Ace Rentals was fabulous to deal with. They answered my questions and were available after hours as well. They were prompt in replying and communicating. Everything went smoothly. The RV worked out great!

Lexa R.

5April 2024

Awesome experience!

John H.

5March 2024

As neophyte RVers our preliminary walk about left us short on knowledge, not sure anything could be done to rectify our lack of entry level knowledge. We were most pleased with the adjudication for the lack of heat for our initial nights, only wish the tech had been able to call us on Saturday.

***Tanya S.

3February 2024

This was our first time renting an RV and it was actually not a good one. After being told someone will bring it around shortly, we had to wait almost 3 hours for the RV to get repaired (it was a 2024) and the generator didn't work. We were told this after waiting for almost 2 hours and many phone calls to the RV rep who was off-site, that there was a problemwiththegenerator. After a 2 hour wait, there was a hurried walk through to explain the functions and told to watch the video for further information. The Grey water, fresh water and propane tanks were empty and the cleaning crew sprayed what was akin to armour all on the floor mats that made my feet slip off the brake and accelerator. My husband (who is disabled) could not get in or out of the vehicle from the passenger side due to the slippery hazardous floor mats. We had to place our own floor mats on the floors to keep from falling and use the side door to enter and exit. The RV was a 2024 Chateau which was a comfortable drive did not handle as well as a 2023 Delano we test drove a few months prior. All in all, I would rent again but most likely from a different company.

Joanne’s answer

Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We take negative reviews such as these very seriously, and investigated this upon your review submission:
We apologize for the longer-than normal wait time for your unit. We usually do not allow same-day reservations for this reason, but made an exception in your case.
Once your reservation was confirmed at 9:30 that morning, our team got to work readying the unit for your trip. The generator had malfunctioned less than one hour before your arrival, and our team immediately began with diagnostics and repairs.
You were informed of the issue less than one hour after your arrival and were then offered a choice of any of the brand new units on our lot as replacement, which you refused. Our team did their best to repair the unit as quickly and efficiently as possible, and you were compensated for the entire first day of your rental, plus a free late return despite being offered a replacement unit equal in value.
As stated via emails and texts sent to you upon confirmation of your reservation that morning, viewing of the walk-through video is required prior to pickup of the unit, so that we may answer any questions you may have or make any clarifications regarding the video upon your arrival. This was not completed prior to pickup, and once the issue was brought up, you stated you would view the video after your departure from our location. We normally do not allow the unit to be taken off the lot until the video has been viewed, but again, we made an exception in your case, as you wanted to get on the road.
Our team did their best to accommodate your requests and stayed nearly 2 hours past closing to ensure the unit was ready and to provide you with a test drive upon request.
The fresh water and propane tanks were both full prior to your departure. This was shown to and acknowledged by you and your husband during the walk-around, and again the next evening, when you called our location after hours to diagnose the lack of water in your unit and confirmed the water tank was full and the pump was switched off from the monitor panel.
Our team does not normally handle troubleshooting or after-hours calls but did so for the entirety of your rental. This type of simple troubleshooting is found in the walkthrough video, virtual guide, or by calling the 24/7 roadside assistance number, which was also explained to you during the walk-around.
The grey water tank is a waste holding tank and was rightfully empty upon pickup. The fridge and water heater in the unit are powered from propane, and both will beep loudly if the propane levels are low or non-existent. This did not occur during your walk-around.
Armorall or any related substances are not cleaning products we utilize or carry. It was explained during your walkthrough that the unit arrives from the factory in this condition, and this was the first complaint we have received regarding this. Upon hearing your comments, we have purchased floor mats for this unit for future rentals. We have passed your comments regarding the drivability of the unit on to the manufacturer.
We appreciate your business and thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback.

David B.

5January 2024

Jason R.

5January 2024

ACE Team was awesome as always! They went out of their way to accommodate my request to ensure we had another great trip!

Joseph H.

5September 2023

Wow, What can say. This was a wonderful experience from the time of Booking till I returned it. The until was spotless, Fueled up and had the fridge already running so it was cold. The walk around was quick and everything was explained to me prior to leaving for my trip. Drive, stay and unit was perfect. I will use this rental company again and pass on how nice it was.

Brian W.

5September 2023

Very nice unit, top notch staff

Eduard R.

5September 2023

Communication was great! RV was in a very good condition. Booked add-ons (e.g. kitchenware and bedding) were great. We missed a few minor things: dish soap and special camper toilet paper (only one roll was provided).

James A.

0September 2023

Daniel M.

5September 2023

Susan S.

5August 2023

Lou M.

5August 2023

great team and very well run company

**Albert P.

5August 2023

Everything was great. Would rent again in the future.