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Memories made on trips with Us's RVs

Luciano V.

5August 2023

Excellent vehicle and excellent service.
Mr. Flavio explains everything in an easy and practical way.
I am already planning another trip.

Eduardo B.

5July 2023

Great experience with the RV, everything worked as expected, surely they are on our next RV trip’s plan.

Cesar P.

5July 2023

Robert H.

4.5June 2023

I wanted to learn what it is like to vacation with RV. These folks told me everything I needed to know to drive the vehicle safely and operate all the systems correctly. While I had a small maintenance problem they came promptly to help me resolve it.

Aluizio S.

5January 2023

Guilherme T.

5January 2023

Atendimento excelente! RV fantástico! experiência incrível! Recomendo muito! Foram dias incríveis com a minha família! As minhas filhas amaram! Sucesso e super recomendo! Ja estou programando a próxima!

Agueda O.

5January 2023

Ana P.

5November 2022

A melhor experiência da vida, obrigada pelo carinho, dicas e roteiro. Já programando a próxima 😃

Han S.

5August 2022

Perfect RV combined with very good service !!

Patrick J.

5August 2022

Andrea F.

5April 2022

Recomiendo este vehículo para cualquier primera experiencia con un RV! El personal de Duek fue execelente.Ellos nos asesoraron a penas llegamos a retirar el vehículo,y durante todo el periodo del alquiler,cuando nos surgían algunas dudas.Le recomiendo que cuando retiren su RV des tienen al menos 1 hora para poder comprender y entender a la perfección su funcionamiento.
Sigan todas las recomendaciones que les dé Favio 🙌🏼❤️

4 Photos submitted by Andrea F.

Jose B.

5March 2022

jose barbosa reis Neto

Sidney O.

5February 2022

Rodolfo B.

5February 2022

Lynda C.

5November 2021

This is our second time renting. We will only rent from Duek.

Ivan T.

0.5August 2021

I didn’t like this organization. Unfortunately can’t advise them for you. Look for another one

Duek’s answer

This review caused us a big surprise, as when the customer arrived, we asked how everything was during the trip and the reply was that everything was great. Also, during the rental period, we communicated with the customer, and absolutely no issues were reported by him regarding the RV.
Upon arrival, we did the regular “check in” procedure and some damage was noted (teared upholstery at driver seat and sofa bed armrest and two doors of the kitchen cabinetry had fallen). We contacted the related service providers and presented the quotes to the customer, who started to argue saying that he did not cause the damage. We showed him the pictures of the unit before his departure and after a 50% discount on the cabinetry damage he said he agreed. At this point, everything seemed to be ok. He later wrote the above review without any further explanation. Apparently, he was unhappy for paying for the damage he caused on the vehicle. It is very upsetting to face this kind of situation when a customer does not write a faithful review and is just trying to damage a business reputation.
After six years of operation, we are very proud of having only five star reviews, but unfortunately this customer was not fair when he rated our service as just one star.