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Memories made on trips with Scenic Vanlife Rentals's RVs

Kevin B.

0November 2023

Excellent experience, start to finish!

Bernadette L.

5November 2023

This was the first time I’ve rented an RV and it was the easiest and best experience I could’ve ever imagined.

Daniel K.

5October 2023

My husband and I have now used 5 different rental companies for our Western explorations and scenic vans has far exceeded our prior experiences. The design of the van was thoroughly planned out. We had plenty of room to move around and cook without feeling like we were running into each other. But at the same time the van was easy to maneuver and allowed us to camp wherever we wanted. The solar power allowed us to camp as though we had full hookups. We surely did not feel as though we were roughing it. Would recommend this company to travelers of all ages.

Tim R.

5September 2023

Mike and Kevin were very helpful and the van was what we needed.

Barbara B.

5September 2023

My husband and I rented the Mammoth 2 for 2 weeks and visited 5 National Parks as far as Glacier. We had the absolute best time. The bed in the Van was incredibly comfortable!! The kitchen was perfect for what we needed. No more tent camping for this 60 yo! We will rent again! Thank you❤️

Cindy M.

5September 2023

Scenic Vans was great to work with even when our plans had to change. We rented the Shasta for one week and enjoyed it. It drives like a car (almost) and we could stay in tent only spots. sleeping on a real mattress made all the difference in the world.

Stephanie M.

4September 2023

Great experience going around California with the camper Van. The team was super nice, responsive and helped both on check in and check out to accommodate as I am foreign and had to come with a rental car alone with my baby. The only reason why I didn't put 5 stars is that the van was not isolated enough, we did suffer from the cold and the heat. Besides that, everything was great, the campers are well equipped and the team was very happy to receive ideas for improvement which is always nice! All the best and again thank you!

Richard S.

3.5August 2023

For the most part, the van was vert good. I did have a warning light come about the 3rd day for automatic brake assist not working. It went away after stopping for the night. The bed was very comfortable and everything worked well. The toilet placement is not comfortable being placed next to the storage. A large person would have a problem with it. Also I kept hitting my head on the storage above the sink when using the sink. Had leaks in the large window behind the drivers seat and possibly the small window in bed area. Driving the van was very easy. Handles like a car.

Edward C.

5August 2023

Kevin and crew were very helpful and patient. The van drove really well and the bed was comfortable. The van's cabin battery recharged quickly just by running the engine for about10 minutes when necessary. Our overall camping trip was great. Thanks again.

Mark C.

4.5August 2023

Van was good and lived up to expectations. Was disappointed that we could not use our own insurance to cover the van hire. Seeded like a $400 cost we didn't need to incur, as our insurer (GEICO) agreed to cover the vehicle and send a confirmation to Scenic accordingly.

Scenic’s answer

Thank you for your feedback. We would like to address the concerns you've raised in your review.

Richard S.

5July 2023

Great experience from start to finish. Easy to book and pay. Van was fully stocked with everything needed from bedding to utensils, loved the french press. Everything worked as described and Kevin was thorough during the walkthrough and explained how everything worked. Can’t wait to rent again

Abigail P.

5July 2023

Awesome trip with Scenic Vans! Everything was easy and well communicated. We had zero problems with our van but knew who to call if we did. I will be recommending to friends and family!
Sacramento was the perfect pick up spot for our road trip to Redwood National Park.

Elisabeth H.

5July 2023

This was a wonderful experience! I have been contemplating renting a van to see if I would like to explore van life and this was the perfect way to start my adventure. Kevin was helpful from the very beginning, responding to my messages at 8 pm at night on the app, walking me through all the parts of the van, and answering all my questions in 100-degree weather! The van was equipped with everything I needed (especially the well-done manual) and was exceptionally fun and easy to drive. I will definitely rent with this company again! Thank you very much!

Michael B.

5July 2023

Kevin, Michael and the entire Scenic Vans crew are a pleasure work with. From outstanding communication in the rental contract process to support while on the road -- we could not have felt more comfortable. This was our 4th RV rental and first with Scenic Vans, and we cannot wait to book with them again!

Michelle C.

4July 2023

Customer service was nice, but we experienced a couple of issues with the van... no AC as planned and paid for, (something about a missing piece from last customer) the dash board had an issue, and the cupboards stuck and were hard to open. When we mentioned to Michael as we checked back in, he said we are not the first and won't be the last to complain about this, and yes, they knew there was a short in the dashboard. OUr thought was "then fix it"! and wish they had told us so we weren't worried what we did wrong. WIthout AC, we were too hot to hang in van in day time and cut our trip short. I look forward to the refund from the lack of AC that doesn't seem accounted for yet. and we never spent the wood. And while we are glad that Kevin gave us a bigger van since we had dogs, we found that it was pretty tight quarters for our pups. Overall the van drove fine, and it was fun to give this a first try. thank you

Linda B.

5July 2023

Enjoyed our trip up the Oregon coast. We greatly appreciated the assistance in arranging the trip and learning about this type of travel.