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Memories made on trips with Wade's RVs

Jensen M.

5January 2024

Wonderful from the initial contact with Wade, to the very end. Will definitely rent and possibly even consider buying one of Wade’s van build. Simplicity functional and efficient tasteful build. Thank you wade sunstorm vans

Roxana G.

5November 2023

Sunstorm is amazing rental company. Third time rental and always above service. Vans are amazing!

Anthony P.

5September 2023

Roger M.

5August 2023

everything was fantastic, the new AC worked great in a very hot, TX, NM,AZ and So. Cal

David N.

5December 2022

Van is well laid out and reliable. It was a pleasure doing business with Sunstorm Vans (Wade). Thanks!

Joe N.

5December 2022

We couldn't be happier with our van rental! We have been contemplating getting a camper van for our adventures for a while so we decided to rent one and take it to Moab for a week to try it out. My Fiancé and our pitbull had an amazing time exploring Moab in the van! The build was great and had everything we needed. Wade even included a portable heater since it was going to be so cold. Wade was always available for questions before and during the rental and provided all the info we needed for a successful trip. We had such an amazing time and are already planning our next rental!

Maxime P.

5October 2022

First of all, thanks to Wade for his help, understanding and availability. Then, of course, we loved our trip with Mr White (nickname we gave to it). We felt safe and comfortable, which are basically what you need the most when you are traveling in a campervan. As it was a 2022 vehicle it was really easy to drive with all the camera and connections you need to make you feel at ease. in fact we did not have the impression to drive a big truck. On the inside it was super clean and well equipped with the precious add-ons. We slept very well, cooked all our meals and had enough space to organize our stuff. We totally recommend Sunstorm vans!

Jemil J.

5September 2022

Always a pleasure renting from wade @ Sunstorm Vans. He offers the best built vans with lots of amenities. If you are looking for a great adventure on the road or glamour camping in a well built van, this is for you. Can’t beat the competitive rates for what you get. Highly recommend

Georgia S.

5August 2022

The van was beautifully laid out and really comfortable to live in. Driving was a dream, with the reversing cameras and length of the vehicle it was easy to parallel park, took on hilly roads like a champ and pretty good on fuel.
Wade went out of his way to make pick up and drop off really easy for me. Great communication and he has helpful van tutorial videos.

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Maria O.

5April 2022

The owner made sure I was really comfortable and aware of all the important things before leaving on my cross country trek. The Van was super clean and well laid out. It was easy to drive and the visibility was great (although at first you are kinda like uhhhh this feels weird). After 15 days on the road, I now feel weird driving my own personal vehicle and miss driving this camper van hahaha. I was very apprehensive before the trip about it being difficult to park or maneuver, and was pleasantly surprised at how easy and smooth it all was. Having unlimited miles was also a plus. The owner is available for any questions or issues that arise during your trip and that gave me so much peace of mind. I know I will be renting a camper van in the future and will not hesitate to book again with Sunstorm Vans!

Christopher V.

5March 2022

We had a great time visiting Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. The van was a pleasure to drive and comfortable to stay in.
Wade was great, showed us all the features, he had the additional equipment we requested and made sure we knew how to operate it, including the tip on safe use of toilet! Bed was comfortable with plenty of room for two. Over all a great trip in a nice van.

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Marylyn R.

5February 2022

What a great experience! Wade was so easy to work with. He was always available and helpful. I rented Marshall. I just loved the vehicle. As an older woman traveling alone with her dog I had a few concerns. They were soon put to rest as the vehicle was a pleasure to drive. All my needs were met and I would definitely do it again.

David N.

5February 2022

Brendan J.

5December 2021

My girlfriend and I rented "Marshall" from Sunstorm Vans and spent two weeks visiting Saguaro, White Sands, Big Bend, and Guadalupe Mountains National Parks. We've done a few road trips before but were pretty tired of pitching a tent each night and dealing with bugs and freezing temps. After 12 nights in the van, we were blown away by just how comfortable and luxurious it was. The bed was very cozy and we didn't have any issues with the mattress size despite being 6'0" and 5'9". We were never able to get the battery below 84% despite charging laptops, phones, using a toaster, etc. The driver and passenger seats were very comfortable and the bluetooth was great for music and podcasts. We'd both only driven sedans in the past and had no issue getting used to the van ... it drives more like a minivan than a truck and fits in your typical parking spots (the rearview camera helped!). Although we were new to van life, Wade's how-to video took care of any learning curve in terms of refilling water, dumping grey water, and so on. Wade was super informative and responsive, and we could not recommend renting from Sunstorm enough!

Seana J.

5March 2021

We had an amazing time with Missy! The van is perfectly designed and we utilized every corner of it. We were the envy of all our friends during our weekend trip. Wade was fantastic to deal with! We'll definitely be back.

Kelly A.

4March 2021

Our trip in Wade's camper van was awesome. It was really well built, had everything we needed and made our trip super fun. Wade was really responsive and great to work with. We would highly recommend this van.