2021 Thor Motor Coach Freedom Elite

  • Sleeps 4
  • Length 24ft
  • Year 2021
BLACK Mountain, NC
1 review
Pet friendly
Furry copilots are allowed on board.

Your health and safety is key

All RV owners have been advised to implement Outdoorsy’s sanitation standards and follow the CDC’s cleaning guidelines before and after each rental. If you have further questions, we recommend you contact the RV owner directly.

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About this RV

Brand new home away from home that drives like a dream. All the amenities for glamping or dry camping. Triton V8, 350 HP engine with 6 speed auto transmission and cruise control. Slide out provides queen size bed plus two more standard size beds. Full bath, generous kitchen with all the appliances, motorized awning, big screen TV, Blue Tooth console for phone and audio. (Minimum rental = 3 nights; maximum = 7 nights, 1500 miles roundtrip.)

What’s included?

Dishware, glasses and utensils for 6, ample pots and pans with cooking utensils. Basic condiments and cooking supplies provided (please replace if you use them up). We supply a few rolls of paper towels and septic safe toilet tissue. Electric appliances include a toaster and drip coffee maker (there is also a stove top coffee maker for when you do not have electricity). Bedroom and bath linens not provided. Under storage includes:

wooden leveling blocks

12" garden hose

small folding camp table

folding recliner chairs - 2

tool box with basic hand tools and supplies

tire gauge

latex gloves

9 x 12 outdoor rugs - 2

plumbers helper

waste tank sanitizer

waste tank hose

electric cable w/ adapter

electric extension cord

coaxial cable

plastic bucket


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Other things to note

Thor Freedom Elite RV

Fact Sheet

1. Our RV drives like a car but still weighs more than 12,500 lbs empty. For that reason, you should be sure you maintain more than ample space between other vehicles so you have extra distances for stopping and turning. Never exceed the posted speed limit or 65 mph especially on curves, whichever is less.

The RV has a computer monitored transmission feature that automatically downshifts when going downhill to assist in breaking and reduce wear and tear on the breaks. The vehicle cruises easily at 2400 rpm and downshifts to lower gears, and higher rpm, when accelerating or going uphill. To reduce wear and tear on the engine, please try to not to exceed 3200 rpm.

The RV is 11’ tall but that does not include the rooftop AC unit so avoid any overhangs that are less than 13’.

2. Water is available in the RV from two sources – city water or the onboard tank. To use city water, simply attach the garden hose provided to the fixture on the left rear of the RV and the other end to a faucet. Water pressure from the city source is sufficient to operate the faucets, shower and toilet. You will not need the onboard water pump if you use city water. To use the onboard tank, fill the tank with a garden hose using the receptacle on the left side of the RV just behind the driver’s door and make sure the water pump is switched on. (The tank has already been sterilized and is at least 1/3 full so you have water while you are driving).

3. Electric power is provided in one of three ways – plugging into a 110V outlet using the power cord and adapter provided, using the two onboard RV batteries, or turning on the generator. All appliances, outlets and AC work when plugged in and on the generator although the AC is not as efficient on just the generator. The batteries only power the house lights, the ceiling vent fans, and water pump.

The water heater is powered either by electricity when you are on 110V or propane when on batteries. Be sure you select the proper power source when you need hot water.

Please monitor the battery level on the control panel. If the level drops below 2/3s on the control panel lights or below 12.0 V on the solar panel readout, you will need to plug in or run the generator to recharge. Allowing the batteries to completely discharge may ruin them and they are very costly to replace.

You should have sufficient propane but if need to refill the tank, the hookup is located under the panel right behind the driver’s door.

4. The refrigerator/freezer runs on electricity or propane and automatically selects the power source. The default setting is propane so you have refrigeration when driving but automatically switches to electricity when you plug in or turn on the generator. Please do not adjust the temperature setting in the refrigerator/freezer and be sure both doors are closed tightly when driving.

5. There are two waste tanks in the RV, a gray water tank that captures water from the sinks and shower and a black water tank for the toilet. Please flush only human waste and septic safe toilet paper down the toilet. A few rolls of this type of paper are provided. Keep the external valves for both tanks closed until you are ready to empty them at a dump station. Please dump both tanks and rinse the equipment before you return the RV to avoid a $100 dumping fee. The waste tanks hose is stored inside the back bumper, gloves are in the under storage.

6. The generator is started by pressing and holding the generator button on the control panel. You may need to press it more than once in order to start. Please be sure that there are no flammable materials near the generator exhaust pipe located on the left side of the RV. The generator charges the batteries. The batteries are also charged when driving via a “trickle charge” but only if the battery switch next to the steps is in the ON position. You should leave this on at all times.

7. The bedroom slideout needs at least four (4) feet of space before opening. The switch to open and close is by the bathroom door above the thermostat. The mattress has a bend where you will need to pull up that section when closing the slideout. Of course, never drive when the slideout is open.

8. The stove top burners and oven operate on propane and have automatic strike lighters. Please be sure the glass range top working surface is folded up and out of the way before lighting the burners. Also, do not use the glass top as a cutting surface. You should not use the stove or oven while driving.

9. The Axxera multimedia receiver displayed on the dashboard is turned on and off with the button on the display. You can sync any peripherals that are Bluetooth compatible with Axxera.

10. Our RV has two homemade wooden leveling blocks. You should endeavor to set up the RV as level as possible, primarily to ensure the proper functioning of and prevent damage to the refrigerator/freezer. Most experts recommend no more than 3 degrees off level side-to-side and 6 degrees front-to-back. There are graduated leveling guides on the back and passenger side of the RV to guide you.

11. Feel free to use any and all dishes, cookware, utensils and appliances on board and return them cleaned. We have tried to store everything in a secure and stable fashion but you may need to rearrange as you go. We have found that the floor of the shower is a good place to store things like coolers or portable fans while driving so they don’t slide around.

12. The vehicle registration and insurance cards along with owners’ manuals for the RV and all onboard appliances are in the black satchel behind the driver’s seat.

Have a great trip!

Darrell Johnson 504-339-9622

Gayle Petty-Johnson 985-807-3160

Typically responds within 6 hours

RV details

2021 Thor Motor Coach Freedom Elite

24 feet
Transmission: Automatic
Fuel: 55 gallons
Water: 40 gallons
Gray water: 25 gallons
Sewage: 29 gallons
Propane: 40 lbs.


Temperature control

Air conditioner
Ceiling fan


Kitchen sink
Stove / range
Dining table


Inside shower

Other features

Backup camera
Leveling jacks
Bike rack
Audio inputs
Extra storage
CD player


Pet friendly
No festivals allowed
No smoking allowed


Cancellation policy Moderate

  • Free cancellation for 48 hours after booking, as long as you cancel more than 14 days before departure.
  • If cancelled more than 7 days prior to departure:
    • Insurance is refunded
    • 75% of the booking total is refunded
    • The service fee is not refunded
  • If cancelled at least 7 days prior to departure:
    • Insurance is refunded
    • 50% of the booking total is refunded
    • The service fee is not refunded


150 miles free per day
You will be charged $0.45 for every mile over per day.

Generator usage

3 hours free per day
You will be charged $3.84 for every hour over per day.


$224.00 per night
$201.60 per night
10% discount
$201.60 per night
10% discount
Minimum stay
3 nights
Refundable security deposit

Owner fees


Sanitary cleaning of interior and exterior

Optional add-ons

Dumping $128.00

Only due if both waste tanks are not empty on return



1 Review

August 2021

The owners are generous and incredibly organized and helpful. The RV is clean, stocked with helpful basics and comfortable. We had a great trip.

Gina Dowd