Sherbrooke, QC RV Rentals and Motorhome Rentals

$175 / Night
02008 R-Vision Thumper  Alburgh, VT
12008 R-Vision Thumper  Alburgh, VT
22008 R-Vision Thumper  Alburgh, VT
32008 R-Vision Thumper  Alburgh, VT
42008 R-Vision Thumper  Alburgh, VT
52008 R-Vision Thumper  Alburgh, VT
62008 R-Vision Thumper  Alburgh, VT
72008 R-Vision Thumper  Alburgh, VT
82008 R-Vision Thumper  Alburgh, VT
$75 / Night
02017 Palomino Palomini  Carignan, QC
12017 Palomino Palomini  Carignan, QC
22017 Palomino Palomini  Carignan, QC
32017 Palomino Palomini  Carignan, QC
42017 Palomino Palomini  Carignan, QC
52017 Palomino Palomini  Carignan, QC
62017 Palomino Palomini  Carignan, QC
72017 Palomino Palomini  Carignan, QC
82017 Palomino Palomini  Carignan, QC
92017 Palomino Palomini  Carignan, QC
102017 Palomino Palomini  Carignan, QC
112017 Palomino Palomini  Carignan, QC
122017 Palomino Palomini  Carignan, QC
132017 Palomino Palomini  Carignan, QC
142017 Palomino Palomini  Carignan, QC
152017 Palomino Palomini  Carignan, QC
162017 Palomino Palomini  Carignan, QC
172017 Palomino Palomini  Carignan, QC
182017 Palomino Palomini  Carignan, QC
192017 Palomino Palomini  Carignan, QC
$225 / Night
02014 Coachmen Leprechaun  Essex, VT
12014 Coachmen Leprechaun  Essex, VT
22014 Coachmen Leprechaun  Essex, VT
32014 Coachmen Leprechaun  Essex, VT
42014 Coachmen Leprechaun  Essex, VT
52014 Coachmen Leprechaun  Essex, VT
62014 Coachmen Leprechaun  Essex, VT
72014 Coachmen Leprechaun  Essex, VT
$129 / Night
02013 Forest River Wildwood  Pike, NH
12013 Forest River Wildwood  Pike, NH
22013 Forest River Wildwood  Pike, NH
32013 Forest River Wildwood  Pike, NH
$119 / Night
02007 Fun Finder X  Mercier, QC
12007 Fun Finder X  Mercier, QC
22007 Fun Finder X  Mercier, QC
32007 Fun Finder X  Mercier, QC
42007 Fun Finder X  Mercier, QC
52007 Fun Finder X  Mercier, QC
62007 Fun Finder X  Mercier, QC
$184 / Night
02016 Keystone Kodiak  Hinesburg, VT
12016 Keystone Kodiak  Hinesburg, VT
22016 Keystone Kodiak  Hinesburg, VT
32016 Keystone Kodiak  Hinesburg, VT
42016 Keystone Kodiak  Hinesburg, VT
52016 Keystone Kodiak  Hinesburg, VT
62016 Keystone Kodiak  Hinesburg, VT
72016 Keystone Kodiak  Hinesburg, VT
82016 Keystone Kodiak  Hinesburg, VT
$184 / Night
02017 Keystone Bullet  Conway, NH
12017 Keystone Bullet  Conway, NH
22017 Keystone Bullet  Conway, NH
32017 Keystone Bullet  Conway, NH
42017 Keystone Bullet  Conway, NH
$166 / Night
02011 Thor Majestic 28A  Lorraine, QC
12011 Thor Majestic 28A  Lorraine, QC
22011 Thor Majestic 28A  Lorraine, QC
32011 Thor Majestic 28A  Lorraine, QC
42011 Thor Majestic 28A  Lorraine, QC
52011 Thor Majestic 28A  Lorraine, QC
62011 Thor Majestic 28A  Lorraine, QC
72011 Thor Majestic 28A  Lorraine, QC
$75 / Night
01988 Ford Coachman  Blainville, QC

Recent traveler reviews in Sherbrooke, QC

Great RV - well cared for - loved the awning :)
Everything about this experience was awesome! Kyle helped us throughout the whole process. The RV was beautiful, clean and had all the extras we needed for the trip. We will be...
Our family of 4 just returned from a 2 week adventure in the Leprechaun... we couldn't have been happier!! Kyle was a breeze to work with; and the RV was clean, well stocked, and...
It was a great vehicle to travel in and Kyle was easy to communicate with. Would definitely rent it again!
Camper was great, service by Jeff was excellent. Answered questions immediately and the camper and equipment was very clean. Would recommend using Jeff.
I just spent a week in Maine with my grandson and his friend. The Flagstaff Micro lite was perfect. It was one of the easiest rigs I have ever towed, hardly knew it was there. ...
Jeff was wonderful to work with. His communication, price and service were top notch. The camper was showroom condition. I couldn't be happier. I will definitely refer him and...
Overall, our experience with Jeff was great! Jeff provided detailed instructions during the walk through and was very communicative throughout the booking/rental process. The...

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