Owner of the Week: Adam Buchanan

Chelsea GonzalesSeptember 28, 2022

Owner of the Week: Adam Buchanan

Adam Buchanan loves a good RV adventure. His favorite so far? “Oh, the Oregon coast by far,” he exclaims. “We’ve loved it there, and having an RV on the coast just makes it awesome.” Adam uses his RV rental business to share this love with others. “I hope that my RV opens renters’ minds up to a bigger world than Netflix and grinding away at a desk,” he tells us.

Seeing as Adam is located in Salt Lake City, just a few short hours from Utah’s “mighty five” national parks, he’s in the perfect place to do just that. In fact, Buchanan’s business took off almost immediately after his first listing went live. “I had my first requests in weeks, if not days,” he shares. Since then, Adam has made close to $30K renting a single unit!

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As a man who works in marketing professionally, Adam wasn’t about to leave his success to chance, even if he is in an ideal location. No, he took things into his own hands, making sure his RV had plenty of exposure. “I’ve used Facebook Marketplace as well as sharing on social media, forums, and Facebook groups to get the word out about my RV,” Adam says.

Another platform Buchanan took advantage of? YouTube. “I really enjoy the power of Youtube and how it can help so many people,” he explains. “I’ve done how-to videos before and they are very effective, even though I’m not the expert in the topic. I wanted to cover the main questions we get from new renters and make sure they have a reference they can review before and during the rental.

“There is a serious fear when you’re in the moment when something isn’t working, and so I just wanted to ease that fear when people are out camping in our unit.” The crazy thing? Not only has this video helped his renters, it’s also brought new traffic to his listing.

All of his efforts to introduce the magic of RVing to others seem to be working quite well. Adam’s single class C RV has been out on 20+ trips so far and has a perfect 5-star review score.

His favorite rental experience so far? “My favorite was a single mom and two teens,” he shares. “They flew out from Boston and went to Yellowstone. When they picked up the RV, the kids were kinda quiet and not really into it. When they returned they were bouncing off the walls telling me how great it was. The mom was just a total rockstar for taking on a trip like that, and I could tell it meant a lot to those kids.”

All About Adam

Favorite morning beverage: “Diet coke with coconut and lime, don’t judge me.”

Favorite campsite meal: “Venison and potatoes”

Music you like to play on the radio: “Marc Allred.”

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite: “Campfire Stories; super fun to get people talking.”

Favorite season: “Fall!”

Last photo you took: “Bowhunting in Utah.”

What’s your Outdoorsy spirit animal? “The golden doodle.”

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go? “Back to the Oregon Coast!”


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