Much Ado About Winter: Two Tips to Keeping your Rig on the Road

Chelsea GonzalesNovember 6, 2017

Much Ado About Winter: Two Tips to Keeping your Rig on the Road

Winter is just around the corner, and, depending on where you live, this likely means it’s time to make a plan for how you’ll keep your RV rented through the winter. Fortunately, you have a few different options, and one of them is sure to work for you.

Keep renting it out

When faced with cnewer weather, you may want to offer “dry” (i.e. no-water) camping only. This is the advice of Jenn Kimick, an RV owner in Utah, and is a great idea because it removes any issues that could occur with frozen pipes and tanks.

That said, owner Susan Smith says she chooses to leave only the toilet functional, and others have made the decision to remove all water and de-winterize for each customer. The choice is up to you and may depend on the weather in your location.

No matter what, you will want to make sure your renters know to keep the interior of the trailer warm and be wary of fast battery depletion. If water will be used, make sure your tanks are heated or protected with insulation. Wrap your hose in heating tape. Additionally, providing your customers with these winter RVing tips is a kind gesture that can go a long way.

Finally, a word about pricing. Removing antifreeze from the lines and preparing an RV for a winter trip is time-consuming. Therefore, you’ll probably want to increase the minimum rental period to make the effort worthwhile. You can balance this out by lowering your prices for the slow season. Some owners even charge an additional winter preparation fee.

Looking for a way to increase your rental numbers in winter? Try advertising specific destinations such as Jackson Hole, Mammoth, and Vancouver Island. Create your own calendar of events and destinations. Share those to social media with a link to your RV. Post your RV in the “Travel / Event” section on Craigslist with the winter destination and “RV for rent” in the title.

Try reaching out to local outdoor recreation groups and ask them to share your winter-ready RV listing with their members. Remember, travelers are looking for a convenient way to stay warm, and your RV is a great alternative to an expensive ski lodge.

Send it south to another owner.

By sending your RV south, you’ll be renting to RV owners who seek out these amazing, warm locations to thaw out.

We’ve had several owners who live in warmer states express interest in managing the RVs of other owners during winter months. Vanessa Cruz will manage your RV out of Jacksonville, Florida. Curt Chandler has 7 years of experience and will keep your RV rented in the Bay Area. Garr Russell of The Camper Connection has branches in Michigan, Texas, and California.

This is a great option to consider because it means your RV stays on the market without the risk of damage from freezing weather.

To connect with another owner who would manage your RV for you, create a post in the Outdoorsy RV Owners group. Please note it is up to you and the other owner to arrange transport of your RV and other important details. The profit will be more than worth it, especially when you consider how much you’d save in the storage and maintenance fees of keeping it yourself.


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What is your plan for RVing during the winter months?

Let us know by posting in the comments or connecting with others in our Owners RV Community group.

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